How to cancel Uber One explained

To get the waiver on your cancellation charges, users need to navigate to their Uber App > Trips > Help > Review My Cancellation Fee. Here, an appropriate option needs to be selected for the reason for cancellation. Once done, Uber will waive the cancellation fees and will not charge you any extra on your next ride.

Can’t figure out how to cancel Uber One? You can find all the explanations you need here.

Our bank accounts get a monthly (and costly) reminder when we forget to cancel a service we subscribed to. Do you have the same problem? Here’s how to cancel Uber One.

The Uber One service provides discounts and perks for various Uber-related services. It can definitely save you money if you use a lot of services from the company.

However, maybe you just wanted to try it out and now you want out. Let’s take a look at how to cancel Uber One.

How to cancel Uber One

You can cancel your Uber One subscription in two ways. You can use the app or the computer. You can do this by following these steps:

  • Open the Uber app on your mobile device;
  • Click on “Uber One” in your profile;
  • You can manage your membership by scrolling down;
  • Click “End Membership”;
  • Your membership will be canceled once you confirm your desire to do so.

The cancellation will take effect at the end of the current billing cycle, so it won’t take effect immediately.

Do you get a refund after cancelling Uber One?

You cannot get a refund after canceling your subscription, even if you’re on a yearly plan and decide to cancel halfway. Maybe it’s better to stick with a monthly plan if you’re just trying it out.

Here’s how to contact Customer Support:

  • You can access your Uber account online by logging in;
  • The following link will take you to the information page on Uber’s website specifically about canceling your Uber One subscription;
  • You can also contact us by clicking “Chat With Us.”

If you have any questions or issues regarding your subscription, they can help you easily.

That’s all you need to know about canceling Uber One. You can cancel your Xbox One subscription and PS Plus subscription here if you need more information.


In conclusion, canceling an Uber ride is a straightforward process that can be done through the Uber app. Whether you need to cancel due to a change in plans or any other reason, following a few simple steps allows you to cancel the ride and avoid any potential cancellation fees. It is important to note that cancellation policies may vary based on factors such as the type of Uber service, location, and the timing of the cancellation. 

It is advisable to review the specific cancellation policy for your region to understand any applicable fees or limitations. By familiarizing yourself with the cancellation process, you can easily manage your Uber rides and make necessary changes as needed.


Q: How do I cancel an Uber ride?

A: To cancel an Uber ride, you can typically follow these steps:

  • Open the Uber app on your smartphone.
  • Access the “Upcoming” tab, which usually displays your current or upcoming trip.
  • Locate the ride you want to cancel and tap on it to open the details.
  • Look for the “Cancel” button or icon and select it.
  • Confirm the cancellation when prompted.
  • You will receive a cancellation confirmation and any applicable information regarding cancellation fees, if applicable.

Q: Is there a cancellation fee for canceling an Uber ride?

A: Whether or not a cancellation fee applies depends on various factors, including the region, the type of Uber service, and the timing of the cancellation. Some Uber services may have a cancellation fee if the ride is canceled after a specific time or if the driver has already started heading to your location. It is recommended to review the cancellation policy for your specific region and service to understand any applicable fees.

Q: Can I cancel an Uber ride without being charged?

A: If you cancel an Uber ride within a certain timeframe, typically a few minutes after requesting the ride, you can usually cancel without incurring any charges. However, if you cancel after a certain threshold or after the driver has already started towards your location, a cancellation fee may apply. It is important to be mindful of the timing and any associated fees when canceling a ride.

Q: Can I cancel an Uber ride after the driver has arrived?

A: If the driver has arrived at your location, canceling the ride may still be possible, but a cancellation fee may apply. The exact policy regarding canceling after the driver’s arrival may vary depending on your region and the type of Uber service. It is advisable to check the cancellation policy in your area to understand the specific guidelines and potential fees.

Q: Can I cancel an Uber ride for someone else?

A: Yes, you can cancel an Uber ride on behalf of someone else as long as you have access to the Uber app and the relevant ride details. Simply follow the cancellation steps mentioned earlier, ensuring that you select the correct ride to cancel. Keep in mind that any applicable cancellation fees will be charged to the account associated with the ride request.

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