What To Do If You Don’t Know What To Major In

You’re off to college in a few months and you’re don’t know what to major in. A lot of students really find themselves in this scenario but you do have a few choices! These are just a handful you might wish to consider:

Go Undeclared or Declare a Major and Change It Later

Most colleges and universities ask you to declare a major upon admission to the institution. Yet, unless you have a scholarship for that exact degree, your choice isn’t fixed in stone. If it’s still a toss-up what field you’ll be moving into, select anything you’re leaning towards now. You’re free to alter it down the road if you feel a different degree is better in line with your chosen career—just bear in mind, switching majors might lead to spending another semester or year in school to catch up.

Take Courses You’re Interested In

Whether you’ve declared a major and want to alter it or aren’t quite sure what you want to major at all, choosing classes you’re interested in is a fantastic technique for your first two years. Several will also count as general education requirements or electives at that period, so you’re not wasting credits.

Picking lessons that sound entertaining or fascinating to you also broadens your range and global perspective. You’ll be introduced to new ideas, new subjects, and potentially even new career possibilities. You may end yourself deciding to entirely modify your chosen route because of one of these courses. This period and the classes you pick will also help mould your college experience and you as a person.


If you’re still unclear what to major in, especially after you’ve completed other courses that interest you, you may want to start researching outside of school. Volunteering in your community, researching in a local initiative, or taking part in an internship are three terrific places to start. They will assist you create contacts as well as provide you real life and professional experience. You may realise you appreciate the task or a certain component of it.

You might also explore shadowing occupations that could interest you to see whether it’s something you can picture yourself doing after graduation. Shadowing is not possible for every business, though.

Talk To Others About What You Want to Major In

Talking to people is a stage you can’t miss if you’re undecided about what to chose for your major. Speak to your close relatives, friends, and loved ones who know you best initially. See what they have to say about your personality and hobbies; they may have ideas that surprise you.

Next, see your college or high school counsellors. They may give advise and put you in the proper way. Your college career centre will also give important information. They offer people and tools that can help you select a career that suits your personality and interests, while also preparing you for your future work.

If you don’t know what to major in, don’t stress. That is something a lot of students are concerned about, especially when they’re initially starting into college. Take the time to investigate all the paths before of you before making a final decision.

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